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Dr. Cesar Parra

Dressage Theory & Training

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Dr. Cesar ParraDr. Cesar Parra is an Olympic dressage rider, trainer and instructor, as well as the founder of Piaffe Performance. A full-service training program, Piaffe Performance’s approach includes providing care tailored specifically for the horse and rider, as well as dedicating an entire team to optimizing the health of the horse by communicating with the owner and service providers. Dr. Cesar Parra‘s holistic approach is was enables his riders to find riding success. Dr. Parra and his team wholeheartedly embrace the foundational components of the Classical German Training Methods.

Taught by the old German Masters and sometimes adapted to better suit some modern-day riders, these methods are defined by their reliance of the Training Scale. This involves monitoring and measuring Losgelassenheit (Relaxation), Takt (Rhythm), Anlehnung (Contact), Schwung (Impulsion), Geraderichtung (Straightness), and Versammlung (Collection). Riders begin at the very bottom of this scale and progress upwards as they master each step in succession. For example, one cannot responsibly attempt for Impulsion without having adequately mastered Contact. This framework is the basis of the Classical German System, and thus of Dr. Parra’s training philosophy as well.

Additional cultural components that underlie the work of Dr. Parra and the rest of the leadership at Piaffe Performance include courtesy, perseverance, integrity, self-control, sharing, and strength of character. These characteristics have inspired Dr. Parra’s success to a significant degree, and he works to pass them on to the staff and students on his team.

Dr. Parra spent much of his career as one of Colombia’s very best riders. He has more recently represented the United States on the international stage. This includes appearances in a wide variety of competitions, like the Pan American Games, the Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF Dressage Festival of Champions, the Saugerties CDIW FEI Grand Prix, the Nations Cup, and the World Cup Final. Although he is proud to have gained his U.S. citizenship in 2008, Dr. Cesar Parra still takes joy in returning to lead clinics in Colombia annually. Building bridges across the international community is a great way to nurture high energy and devotion to the sport, an endeavor which Dr. Parra is more than happy to undertake.

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